“I have never lived in a tower, so when an opportunity came I wanted our future generations to live in a building. The best thing about Enso Sanza is that all three promoters come down to the site to meet us and explain to us, which makes us feel like our future is in the right hands.”


“I have spent my childhood here, and my dream has come true as my home is turning into a residential tower. It’s a matter of pride for me. Throughout the lockdown period, our builders have always fulfilled our needs and solved all our issues in our regular meetings.”



“The leadership at Enso Group is that they really care about those people and they want to give them a fantastic experience. Their commitment to quality and their commitment to excellence as builders is something which is rare.”

-Kaizzad Capadia (K11 Fitness)

“In 25 years, Enso Group has been one of the builders who were open to ideas. And the best thing about them is that they have a very strong potential to grow exponentially. Their first few steps are in the right direction.”

-Ravi (Design Architect)

“Enso Group always thinks out of the box, they move forward than the traditional ideas of Real Estate. They have always pushed us to create dynamic solutoins for indsutry problems which in turn has helped us to offer higher qualtiy residents.”

-Mehul (Liaising Architect)


“I have been working with Mr. Shakendra since 2008, and just few years ago I started working with Enso Group, and so far it’s been a smooth ride. It’s become a second home for me, and the work culture here is harmonious.”

-Team Enso